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To which extent the following statements are applicable to you?


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In times of trial and tribulation I trust in God
I pursue higher values such as love, truth and justice
The development of my personality and my faith influence each other mutually
I am looking for answers to existential questions about for example death, freedom, isolation, meaninglessness
As a person I am only fully complete in a relationship with God
I am willing to be accountable to God and my fellow humans about my way of life
My faith influences all areas of my life
I have the idea that I entrust myself more and more to God
Out of my sense that God loves human beings, I pursue to love my fellow man
My sense of self-esteem is connected to who I am and not so much to what I have
The meaning and significance of my life is in my relationship with God
My faith is oriented to values that transcend physical and social needs
The experience of God in my life motivates me to decide for the good, even if this is difficult
My personal freedom is limited by responsibility for God’s creation
My behaviour is directed at both my own freedom and responsibility for others
All aspects of my personality are comprehensively involved in my faith
I believe sincerely, not mainly out of obligation or fear
Knowing God’s love is fundamental for my life
For me, praying for and doing justice belong together inextricably
My faith is integrated with the other aspects of my life
Through the sense of the entirely other I experience amazement
My religion supports my sense of self-esteem and identity
My life is an open and at the same time serious quest for God

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